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Wanderlust Squaw Valley

The Lake Tahoe area is incredible on any given Tuesday and yet the bar is raised even higher as Squaw Valley transforms into a haven for all things innovative, beautiful and fun in the world of mind/body wellness this July 20-23rd. If you’ve been to Wanderlust in previous years you know what’s up, but for those who haven’t yet experienced this phenomenon, it’s well worth your time to check it out this multi-day yoga, music, meditation, cuisine and outdoor adventure festival.

While yoga is indisputably the belle of the ball you could easily fill your days at Wanderlust without ever stepping onto a mat (although with all the amazing teachers this would be a folly). Non-yoga offerings include guided hiking, running, biking, paddle boarding, slacklining, meditation, lectures, hooping, dancing and unique dining options. If you’re new to yoga Wanderlust is the ideal low-pressure high-enjoyment introduction. For those more seasoned yogis, the event is a perfect place to re-energize your practice and maybe check out what this whole “Hip Hop Yoga” thing is about. Wanderlust is a celebration of ancient yoga and meditation practices with a fresh, fun and innovative twist.

Whether you go for a day or treat yourself to the full four-day retreat chances are good that you leave inspired to move, think and live in new, more conscious and creative ways.