As you travel the West Shore of Lake Tahoe, we are hopeful that you will appreciate the West Shore Association’s (WSA) efforts on your behalf. WSA is directly responsible for most of the added autumn color along SR89. We sponsored a project that improved and promoted the West Shore’s beautification with deciduous tree purchases at a 50% discount for members. That project has brought our community a spectacular result every autumn. And currently, exterior holiday tree lighting is available to our members, giving the West Shore a signature likeness. It is combined results like this that encourage WSA business with visual continuity, memberships and friendships.


The West Shore Association is an organization of West Shore businesses and individuals working together to promote the “Magical West Shore” to residents and visitors.  WSA represents our members as a voice to all of our various government agencies. In just the past few weeks we have accomplished to following:

  • Completely updated and redesigned the WSA website and added a Social Media component - social media stats below

    • Over 24,000 fans

    • Reaching an average of 438,000 people per month

    • Average monthly impressions of 800,000

  • NEW for 2017 - eBlast system setup and implemntation to reach guests and members

  • Encouraged Caltrans to change the electronic sign board at the Transit Center to eliminate distance and delay times

  • The WSA ran ¼ page color ads each week in the Weekly announcing West Shore Businesses are “Open for You” during our 4th year of road construction

  • Caltrans made, and the WSA had installed 4 banners in a series in 2 locations, opposite the Transit Center and by Wilson Ave. stating the West Shore is “Open for You” along highway 89

  • The West Shore is featured in Placer County’s current newsletter, both Summer Visitors Guides and will have a special article and photos in a future Sierra Sun edition. The WSA is also in several other recent publications and on websites

  • The West Shore Association is represented on the BACC (Business Association Chamber Collaborative) and the NLTRA Lodging and Group Sales Committees. WSA also partners with the TCDA (Tahoe City Downtown Assoc) and NTBA (North Tahoe Business Assoc) marketing our “lakeside communities”


In addition to all that we have maintained several ongoing events to promote the West Shore with: Lake Tahoe Music Festival annually in August, Big Band Jazz at the Lake at Sugar Pine Point S.P., and we support our Olympic Heritage and Nordic Trails also at Ed Z’Berg Sugar Pine Point State Park.

Membership Benefits

  • Encouragement of tourism and tourist activities

  • Coordination of Community Project Involvement

  • Support of Special Community or Member Events

  • Active involvement as determined by Association vote in the West Shore, Tahoe Basin, Regional, and other important issues affecting our membership, and the West Shore in general

  • Increasing individual business' online presence through a targeted social media campaign

  • Each business member will have a prominent feature on our website, including a link to their web page and contact information

The West Shore Association is a non profit 501C-6 California Corporation established in 1997 ID # C2064189. Our Federal Tax ID number for your records is # 68-0381292.

If you have any questions about WSA or need additional information, feel free to contact Kay Williams at . Please join us TODAY!

“The West Shore is the Best Shore”